Supporting struggling schools to raise education standards

More than 2,000 struggling schools could be turned around if they had effective support, Liberal Democrat Schools Minister David Laws has said. Speaking to CentreForum, David said the Conservatives’ determination to monitor all schools from Whitehall threatens standards in education. He said the Conservatives refused to introduce proper oversight [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

Walthamstow Village area improvements

Walthamstow Village area improvements The Walthamstow Village area improvements Walthamstow Village is one of a series of residential areas in the borough to receive Mini Holland funding to create places that are great to live, work and get around. Currently 25,706 vehicles travel through key roads every day Improve the look, feel and safety of Wal [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

Cotswold Artisan Coffee

Cotswold Artisan Coffee in Cirencester hasn’t been around long, but it’s already created a bit of a stir. Not long after it opened at the end of August, the local paper ran a story reporting that t [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014

No more rail privatisation Coast is currently the only rail franchise in public ownership; it is also the most successful. The East Coast railway line from London to Scotland is run by the publicly owned Directly Operated Railways (DOR). It went into public hands in 2009 when National Express became the second priv [...] Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014


The NewMR Virtual Festival is a new exciting way to share cutting edge ideas and techniques. Read more ...

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28 Nov 2014