'He couldn't believe he was lovable'

In the past 10 years, 80 people aged 21 and under have killed themselves in prison - the government is looking into why so many young people die in custody. One mother explains what it is like to have a child die behind bars. Read more ...

via Bbc
25 Apr 2014

Jamie Carragher

Legend is a word oft used but not always lived up to but Jamie Carragher is one who fits the title of legend for many. In this age of footballers who flit from one club to another with more for an [...] Read more ...

The Living Wage has to be more than a photo op

The referendum on Scottish independence casts its shadow over every aspect of Scottish public life these days. This is understandable, the debate on whether Scotland should remain in Union with partners in England, Northern Ireland and Wales is a huge one, but the way it pervades every matter at Holyrood is doing a disservice to the people of Scotl [...] Read more ...

via Labourlist
25 Apr 2014